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About Liaise

People are the greatest asset in any business  but all too often not recognised as such. 

Your people  look after your customers – so you need to look after your people. Happy, engaged employees are likely to be more enthusiastic, productive and loyal to your brand, which  results in business growth.

At Liaise we completely embrace this belief. Tangible assets like machinery and tools need regular maintenance to ensure they don't break down. 
The same is true of  your people, they need support and  development to  keep them performing at their best.

With 30 years of People and Organisational development experience we collaborate  with owners and business leaders to help them   achieve their business goals by ensuring that their people have the  skills and behaviours  needed to be effective and productive  to reach their full potential., but above all be engaged and happy.

What's in it for you? Great people want to work for great businesses that invest in them. Become an Employer of choice, where great employees clamour to work!

Based in Dorset on the beautiful South Coast of England, we  work with  businesses  of all sizes but SMEs  particularly to help them grow their people and their business .

  • In 2016, Gallop research showed that only 33% of employees were “involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their workplace”

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A little about what we do


Great Leaders and Managers are vital to a healthy and successful workplace. They will inspire, engage and value their people which results in

  • Lower absenteeism

  • Higher productivity 

  • Greater Loyalty

  • Reduced staff turnover 

  • Improved profitability


To get the best out of your people and your business, we need to understand both.  By assessing what you want to achieve as a business and the current skills of your workforce we gain an insight into where there are skills gaps and learning needs and where you have potential talent. 

We use this information to create learning targeted specifically for the needs of your business and your people.   

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Performance Management is often disliked and seen as a time consuming tick box exercise. 

But this shouldn't be  the case, it's mostly about communicating to your people effectively!

Done well, Performance Management is

  • A great motivator  

  • Boosts morale

  • Highlights what is going well

  • Also where there is room for improvement and were training  or development is needed


What do our clients say about Liaise

"Debbie, I enjoyed our training days together, you were always prepared, patient and humorous, which was really needed at times!"

Lorena Brown  |  Sales Director  |  Retirement Homes

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Better Place to Work

If you are interested in learning more about the BP2W or simply how Liaise can help employee engagement in your business contact us 

An Interesting Watch

To understand more about what Employee Engagement is, watch this video by Shay McConnon.

Shay is an expert and keynote speaker on Employee Engagement as well as the owner of one of our affiliates, BP2W. 

The video highlights the features of BP2W software, but also simply articulates the benefits of Employee Engagement and the pitfalls of low engagement.

History of work and training 

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