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Here are some of the testimonials we’ve received so far…

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Liaise Limited were so professional throughout and made it easy to arrange with sending out the personality questionnaires to each team member and booking in individual meetings with them all. They made the experience fun for us, even getting us to guess which personality type each person was which made us realise we know each other more than we think! I’d highly recommend either a new team or established team to give this exercise a go, as it’s really insightful and helps you to understand your team and how you work best together, which can only be a good thing for business.

Michaela – Street Agency

We’re a fast-paced agency and we deliver a huge amount for our clients to secure new business meetings with the brands that need them. We have multiple clients and so need to be able to work well together as a team to produce fantastic work. We wanted to understand how everyone in the agency likes to work, and what their strengths are to be able to do great things and grow as a business.

Katie – Street Agency

I would highly recommended working with Debbie – her coaching and skills have transformed my working life and have without doubt made me a better and stronger leader and manager.

Simon – Director of Education

I contacted Debbie, one of her webinars was entitled ‘hit the ground running’ and the words literally jumped off the screen at me. I found Debbie’s teaching style matched my learning style and we had a great rapport right from the start, following on from this we had a 1-2-1 session which left me feeling reassured having gained the knowledge and clarity I was looking for, and all this in just one zoom session.

KD – Cornwall

Having previously worked with Debbie at McCarthy and Stone, I can highly recommend her as an L&D specialist. She has wealth of knowledge and experience, particularly delivering management training courses and she is passionate about upskilling managers and giving them the tools to be more effective at getting the best out of their teams. Debbie is also a lovely person to work with, very engaging, friendly and a great facilitator.

Tania Harland – BluSkyHR

Debbie is one of the best trainers/facilitators I have ever come across. She is entertaining, down to earth, approachable and highly skilled. She makes difficult subjects easy – or at least easier! And don’t be fooled by how easy she makes this look – she works very hard to achieve this!

Heather Lamb – L&D Specialist

Debbie came in to work with my team of 6 on a bespoke honesty and feedback review (similar to a 360) in Autumn 2019. Every single employee said working with Debbie was a pleasure as she was so approachable, understanding and clearly highly skilled and knowledgeable in working to get the most out of individuals at work, regardless of their role, their seniority or responsibility level. The report and feedback I gained from Debbie after she spent time with my crew enabled me to give the correct support to each team member and to put into place the very best systems to promote motivation, engagement, dedication and a drive to succeed together. Debbie did some coaching work with me too, and I would definitely use her services again. She really knows the tricks for coaching and getting you to realise by yourself!

Emma Friendship-Kilburn – EmmPower

Debbie Greenwood is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with. Always tailored to who she is working with to enable their development and build confidence.

Rosemary Giovino – Little Threads

Debbie has a genuine interest in everyone’s individual training where the individual never loses interest

Sally Jones