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Using Psychology and Profiling to build a cohesive team

The Situation

As a start-up operating for less than 2 years, Street Agency is a fast growing, innovative business.  Everyone works extremely hard and the agency has already achieved significant success and industry recognition. Liaise worked with the team to help them get to know and understand each other better, and their individual traits and behaviours with the objective of establishing even stronger relationships and enabling them to work even more cohesively when the pressure is on.

“We’re a fast-paced agency and we deliver a huge amount for our clients to secure new business meetings with the brands that need them. We have multiple clients and so need to be able to work well together as a team to produce fantastic work. We wanted to understand how everyone in the agency likes to work, and what their strengths are to be able to do great things and grow as a business.”
Katie – Founder

The Client

Street Agency is a New Business Agency based in Bournemouth; this “Agencies Agency” was founded by Katie Street less than two years ago. Since its inception the agency has quickly grown and currently consists of a team of seven marketing and new business professionals, supporting the varying needs of their clients. 

Katie has a talent for identifying the right people for her agency. She’s a naturally engaging leader – empowering, compassionate, forward thinking and driven, whilst still being an advocate of a good work-life balance. She values and recognises the benefits of personal and team development. She’s the face of my ideal client because she understands the value of having a happy, engaged and motivated team and what that brings for them and, just as importantly their clients.

The Challenge

This is a very new team and due to Covid lockdowns and disruption they’ve had little or no time to really bond face-to-face, although they’ve been holding regular team meetings over Zoom and catching up on Teams and keep in touch as much as possible. Katie and the team work long, hard days to facilitate a 4 day working week. On a Friday they don’t work, and instead they take it in turns to man the phones once every six weeks.

Although the team works really well together, apart from Katie, the longest serving team member, has only been there for a year and the newest member at the time of our session had worked for Street for just 6 weeks.

The aim of the work with Liaise was to help Katie and the team to understand more about each other and build the team relationship more quickly despite everyone working from home.

The Solution

Using personality profiling tools we ran a simple but effective team building session to help Katie and the team develop their bond more quickly. This also enabled them to understand each other more deeply.

There are teams who’ve worked together for years and think that they know each other well, but you’d be surprised what they don’t know about the team and even themselves! Psychometric tools are a great way to help people learn more.

We used 16 Personalities, which is based on MBTI (Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator) profiling, which is probably the most well-known tool of its kind. 16Personalities is a little less business focused and includes some more personal insights which was ideal for the needs of the Street team and the session – we wanted it to be fun!

Each team member completed a psychometric questionnaire and received an invidual feedback session to talk about the content of the report and how they can make the most of the information it contains. I also wanted to get to know the team members and gain an insight into what makes each other tick and to find out how they “gelled”. Having an understanding of each team member also helped me to design the right bonding exercise to provide the greatest impact.

This team exercise was built to provide an experiential learning experience and identify which profile relates to each team member. It’s light-hearted and designed to stimulate discussion. It opens up honest conversation whilst still being fun.


One of benefits of this type of exercise is to help the team members gain a better understanding of how their personalities work together and can highlight any potential issues that may arise from the differing personality styles. Whilst team Street is relatively new, the team are all highly professional, and quite self-aware.

They have very similar personality types, are collaborative and supportive and work well as a team. However, in more tense times when everyone is really busy, perhaps working to a tight deadline, having a difficult day, even the most relaxed personalities can get stressed. It’s at times like these when it’s the most useful to know how a change in approach can diffuse / lighten a situation. Having a greater understanding of how colleagues may react in these times can really help to calm the waters and avoid conflicts or major disagreements.

It’s not unusual for teams to have similar personalities. Recruiting managers often identify a ‘type’. When recruiting in future, having an insight into the personalities already within the team enables the recruiter to interview people with complementary but differing traits and strengths to those of the rest of the team. 

Liaise Limited were so professional throughout and made it easy to arrange with sending out the personality questionnaires to each team member and booking in individual meetings with them all. They made the experience fun for us, even getting us to guess which personality type each person was which made us realise we know each other more than we think! I’d highly recommend either a new team or established team to give this exercise a go, as it’s really insightful and helps you to understand your team and how you work best together, which can only be a good thing for business.”
Michaela – Head of Agency Marketing

Next Steps

Avoid conflict, build a cohesive team and strengthen your business.

The next step is to map the team strengths and where there may be gaps and look at who in the current team has the potential to fill the gaps as personal development or stretch objectives – it will also give guidance on the traits to look for when next recruiting, and this will lay the groundwork and identify priorities for the Street Agency People Strategy.

If you’d like us to work with you and your team and benefit from a greater understanding of those around you, then contact us today to get started.