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If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re looking for some guidance or support. 

Liaise can help. We’re people performance specialists offering a range of services to individuals and organisations

The right training, development and implementation can propel you and/or your organisation to the next level.

If you want success, your people can deliver it – but you need to:

• Treat your people well
• Encourage your people
• Support your people
• Reward your people
• Develop your people
• Engage your people
• Train your people
• Provide the tools your people need to do their job

When these elements are in place, effectiveness, productivity and growth of your business will increase.

Knowing where to start can be overwhelming, but Liaise can help you.

This page gives an overview of 4 core people-focused services we provide either individually or as a package. These can be accessed by individuals, departments or whole organisations – depending on the support or guidance you’d like or need to best develop your teams.

We‘ll look at your people, processes and procedures, what works, what could be improved and then prescribe the training and development that will get you where you want to be.

Leadership and Team Development

Train your leaders – they’ll inspire your teams

High performing, engaged teams who play to their strengths are vital for a successful business.

Lead effectively, think creatively and your team will be inspired to follow.

Does your leadership team inspire your people? Do you have the right capabilities and skills to successfully lead? Do you and your leaders model the behaviours you want your teams to follow?

Key to business success is engaging your people and that starts at the top.


People Strategy

An essential element of building successful teams is workforce planning.

The people with the skills, attitudes, behaviours that you need as well as values that are aligned to those of the business.

How do you recruit and retain the right people? How do you engage and attract them?

Here’s a tip – focus on the fit. Skills can be taught – attitudes take a lot more.

We’ll work with you to develop people profiles and carry out a skills audit so you can be clear on what and who you need within your teams.  Additionally we can also guide you in developing the skills of your existing workforce, identifying opportunities for promotion and starting to build a pool of talent.

We work with you to identify the type of people you want and need to build successful teams and to fill any talent gaps. We  can support and guide you through periods of change, accelerated growth or redundancy and work with trusted partners in recruitment and operational HR to provide you with excellent all round people support.

Coaching and Mentoring

Support and invest in individuals

Coaching and mentoring can result in more high performing, self aware and productive individuals…

What is coaching? Originating from the sporting arena, coaching is about developing performance. Coaches encourage individuals to identify their own solutions to challenges, figure out what they need to do to improve and then implement and take action. A coach can work with people in a variety of roles or areas.

Incidentally, founder Debbie’s “absolute favourite thing to do” is to coach up-and-coming leaders, to develop talent in the form of newly established or mid-level managers. As she says, “Inspiring the leaders of today to inspire the leaders of tomorrow – that’s what I love more than anything!” Debbie is an ILM qualified executive coach and mentor.

What is mentoring? A mentor is someone with experience within the same industry or area. They guide the mentee and advise them how to deal with situations and challenges based on personal experience.

With over 3 DECADES of experience, founder Debbie offers mentoring for HR Managers, Directors or those with responsibilities involving people management and human resources.

In addition to offering both of these to individuals, Liaise is also able to help you establish in-house coaching and/or mentoring programmes within your organisation.  This type of culture breeds high performing, effective teams.

Performance Management

Embed a culture of continuous improvement.

Performance management sounds ominous. But it really doesn’t have to be. It also doesn’t have to be complicated. And really, it needs to be a two-way street. If you don’t clearly communicate what’s expected, how can an employee achieve what’s expected of them?

In the “old days” performance reviews took place once a year and were often a dreaded tick box exercise, thought of as a waste of time by the employee and time consuming for the manager. These days, simplicity, ease and frequency lead the way. Different types of team may require different approaches but Liaise will work with you to identify what works for you and help you implement and embed processes that are MUCH less painful and far more effective.

If there’s something people, culture or workplace related that you feel that you’d like help with but that’s not listed here, please do contact us to discuss it. There’s much more that we can do – and if it’s not something we specialise in, chances are, we know and can recommend someone else who does! Or, if you’d like to chat through the options