Practical Leadership

Leaders come in many guises and work in all areas of business, not necessarily just in the C-Suite. Great leaders are defined by their behaviours and actions. They motivate, engage and boost morale,
all of which play a massive part in improving results and also retention.

Course Description

This practical and experiential 2 day course has been written for middle managers, whether you are moving up into a more senior role or want to underpin your existing experience. It is the next step on from Practical Management. Don't worry, it isn’t necessary to attend that course to be able to join Practical Leadership.

Some of the topics we will explore in the this two day course are:

  • The differences and similarities between leadership and management

  • Leadership styles and when to apply them 

  • Skills and behaviours of an authentic and effective leader

  • Develop your team to meet their needs and those of the organisation

  • Understand and apply principles of building a cohesive team

  • Identify individual team members motivators and how to use their strengths effectively

  • Communication to inspire and motivate

£499 per person

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