In the words of Martin Luther King - I have a dream

I'm sure most of you know of Martin Luther King and what he stood for – civil rights - primarily for minority groups in the USA, from 1955 until 1968 when he was assassinated.In many ways things have moved on since then thank goodness, although not nearly enough in the world at large or the world of business.

So what is my dream?

Liaise is founded on the belief that all businesses – whether small & budding, or corporate and established – have a sound understanding and genuine desire to value their people, regardless of their position held within the company. No one should be left behind or excluded – everybody has an important role to play in achieving the vision whoever they are.Not only do companies need to recognise the importance of all of their people, but their people have to have that belief too. The power of people needs to come to life and be the cornerstone of organisational culture – for every single person in that organisation; from the CEO to the cleaner.

JFK and the Janitor

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