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How are you performing? As an organisation? As a team? As individuals?

For so long Performance Management has been for many, a yearly drudge that ticks a box. But that isn’t the way to get the best out of any of your people or your business.

To be honest I really dislike the term. However, it does what it says on the can. The important part is HOW it does what it says on the can!

EVERYONE, starting at the top needs to work as part of ONE team and it doesn’t matter whether you’re the CEO or the apprentice, each and every person has an incredibly important role to play in the success of the organisation!

Effective performance management is regular, ongoing and has a clear PURPOSE – to ENGAGE every member of the WHOLE team, to INSPIRE them to play their part in achieving the VISION and GOALS of the business. Most of us love to have purpose and by clearly showing your people what their purpose is in the business, will help them and you along the journey.

SUCCESSFUL Performance Management sets out the goals of the organisation

Are your people doing what they need to do to achieve their individual goals and targets?
Are your teams doing what they need to do to achieve their objectives?
Do they know what their goals are?
Do they know what they’re meant to be achieving?
How is this communicated?
How is this measured?

Performance management requires you to evaluate your people and teams’ efficiency. As organisational culture develops, the ways and means to measure performance evolve. Long, drawn out, rigid, annual performance reviews are increasingly a thing of the past.(Thankfully!)

A simple, effective approach

The Liaise preference is for regular, consistent, simple but effective feedback and review.

Yes, certain aspects will be incorporated and most performance management arrangements involve:

• A set performance measurements

• Regular meetings between team members and managers

• Employee assessment

• Records of the above

But there’s no need to waste time or money making things overly complicated. We’ll help you create a performance management process that works for you. One that suits your people, styles of working and your company culture.

We’ll encourage ongoing conversations, individual and group feedback, openness, honesty and transparency all tied together with effective communication and values that align to your organisation.

Research indicates that workers have three prime needs: Interesting work, recognition for doing a good job, and being let in on things that are going on in the company

Zig Ziglar

Identify clear goals, communicate often, achieve success.

If you’d like us to work with you to establish a performance management strategy and process to suit your organisation and help you achieve your organisational objectives, contact us today to get started.