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You know you’ve got a great team. They’re equipped with all the skills and qualifications they need to ‘do the job’ but, something’s not working… or it might even be that things aren’t bad per se, just ‘OK’.

However, as a leader or manager, you think there’s potential.

Not only for your team, but also for yourself – to be better and to achieve more.

• Do you feel team relationships could be improved?

• Is there conflict that often needs resolving?

• Could performance and productivity be increased?

• Is morale low or a little flat?

• Does your team enjoy coming to work?

Leadership and/or team development training is the answer.

When you combine understanding, self awareness and emotional intelligence and learn to work together using all three, you can become a true “dream team”.

Why? Because when people understand each other, are aware of their impact on each other and use their emotional intelligence to act and treat people accordingly, things start to improve.

Trust, loyalty, openness and honesty come into play and when a team feels this way about each other they can build stronger relationships, work cohesively as one, support and encourage each other and have constructive disagreements rather than arguments or conflict.

Starting at the top, we’ll evaluate the way you or your managers currently lead. We’ll critically analyse your leadership strengths and capabilities enabling us to identify where there are skills gaps and development will help to achieve the business goals.

We facilitate learning with the aim of enlightening individuals and helping them to understand themselves, their strengths and areas for improvement, develop their emotional intelligence and their team impact, cultivating their self-esteem and helping them to grow and evolve, to become the best that they can be.

How can your business and people grow together?

After evaluating the leaders, we then evaluate your teams by looking at their skill sets, attitudes, behaviours and we find any gaps they may have, enabling us to identify development opportunities where we can fill the gaps within your workforce.

High performing teams who play to their strengths are vital for a successful business. Lead effectively, think creatively and your team will be inspired to follow.

“Debbie was so professional throughout and made it easy to arrange by sending out the personality questionnaires to each team member and booking in individual meetings with them all. She made the experience fun for us, even getting us to guess which personality type each person was which made us realise we know each other more than we think! I’d highly recommend either a new team or established team to give this exercise a go, as it’s really insightful and helps you to understand your team and how you work best together, which can only be a good thing for business.”
Michaela Dudfield, Head of Agency Marketing

I’m Debbie, founder of Liaise Ltd and I can help. I can facilitate and develop bespoke leader, manager and/or team training to suit your business and your individuals.

I do this by:

Talking and listening to you and your team to understand the current situation, challenges and strengths.

Next, I’ll identify the approach and training that will work for you, based on 30+ years experience and using methods that could potentially include profiling, Employee Engagement Surveys, 121s, workshops and more.

Then, we’ll evaluate results and feedback and produce an actionable plan and set of steps to get you and your team on track to that increased productivity and achieving your potential.

Finally after an agreed period of time for implementation, we’ll evaluate and check in to see how things are going, if need be we can pivot, amend or change course to achieve the results you want.

I’ll be right here alongside you, guiding you, answering your questions, coaching, mentoring and developing you and your team.

Are you ready to:

• Build better working relationships

• Boost productivity

• Improve team performance

• Create a supportive, team-focussed culture

• Boost morale

Avoid negative conflict, build cohesive teams and strengthen your business

If you’d like me to work with you and your team and benefit from a greater understanding of those around you, then contact me today to get started.