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An idea of what to expect

When you work with Liaise to develop your leaders, team, organisation or culture, we are working to the same goal.  To achieve as much as we possibly can to make your business better and your people happier and more productive.

It may seem obvious but the first step of organisational development is to look at where your business is currently and where you want to get to. And then we look at how you are going to get there, because you need to take your people along for the ride. They are the ones who are going to get you to where you want to be!

The second step is to consider what you want to achieve, by when and how you intend to get there – the VISION for the future.

Processes are an important part of keeping your business on track, but a great culture is equally important to your people and believe it or not your customers.

A positive culture thrives where shared values, equality, collaboration, respect, honesty, openness are embraced by everyone – and this has to start at the top.

Take Leadership Development as an example. Generally, this is how we work (although each client, organisation and service requirement will be different), everything is adapted to suit you.

We look at what is needed to achieve your VISION your GOALS

Next we look at current  skills, behaviours, strengths and capabilities across the business – starting at the top!

We identify the gaps – the areas that need attention to start getting you where you need to be. Believe me this is nearly always attitudes and behaviours, how we operate that needs most work, usually more so than technical know how – skills if you like!

Then we identify the best way to fill  the gaps  – where the development needs to take place and how… that may be training, coaching, mentoring, peer to peer mentoring, the resources available to us now are almost infinite.

We work on a development plan together to get your people and your businesses where you need them and it to be in the best way possible and help you decide how to make the learning stick!

We carry out the  development, reviewing and adjusting if and where necessary.

Whilst we regularly monitor progress and assess how the development is being embedded at the end of the project we look at what went well, what could have been better and we all learn.

Continuous Improvement – everything is changing continuously and we have to do the same. We can help you to develop a continuous improvement strategy – to keep the momentum going. You can’t sit back on your laurels you have to keep going. This can be cyclical, we would always advise regularly reviewing, checking in with your teams and asking for feedback relating to your workplace culture. 

Delivery of Training

Everyone learns differently, additionally, content works best delivered in certain ways – delivering “team” training individually makes no sense at all, but discussions around personal development are usually best suited to a one-to-one approach. This is why we will develop a solution which is likely to engage all types of learners that is suited to the type of training required. This can include:

Workshopsshort sessions often dealing with particular topics; either face to face or virtual

Training – one-to-one or one-to-many, likely to be longer facilitated sessions, face to face or virtual

On-line self-paced learning – can be written specifically for your business or standard topics, dependent on your needs and those of your people

Blended learning – a combination of different learning options that can be tailored to the specific learning requirements

Coaching – one to one sessions with a qualified coach to work with people to develop their behaviours and performance, particularly in times of change . Coaching is often used to help people overcome barriers, supporting them to find their answers through questioning techniques

Mentoring often a one to one relationship where an experienced person imparts their experience and knowledge to another

We also run open courses with standard topics, or in-house courses written specifically for your business needs and your people

We’ll advise you on the right approach.

Assessment and Evaluation

Finding out about your business and your people is the first step. I love getting under the skin of businesses and their teams, what do they do, how do they do it, what makes them tick, what do they do well, what they don’t do so well, their strengths and weaknesses.

Diagnostic Tools

We use different diagnostic tools to help us understand the needs of your business and people and identify the most effective path. Profiling tools help individuals gain a greater understanding of  themselves, their strengths, areas for development, how others may view them, all help to build our self awareness and emotional intelligence.

Examples may include:

BeTalent – a variety of assessments to meet all business and people challenges, Strengths is one of my particular favourites!
Facet 5 – provides similar insights, but in a slightly different manner, different tools potential suit different situations and people
16Personalities Profiling – based on Myers Briggs one of the first profiling and best know tools but a lighter touch
FIndMyWhy – A simple personality profile to provide insight and help to boost your confidence

Employee Engagement tools
A Better Place to work…..
Engagement Multiplier
We use different tools for different situations and circumstances
Book a call to find out how we can help you and your teams

Vision and Strategy

We’ll ALWAYS ask questions. What is the vision? How do you see your culture? What are your values? What’s the ideal outcome? What are your expectations?

This will enable us to identify how we can help you bring your vision to life through your people.

Direct feedback from your people

Understanding your business, leaders, managers, teams and people will help us to develop a pathway to move your business and you people forward. So we talk to them to gain the insight we need to help you.

Open Communication

When we’ve looked at your goals, leadership and developed a plan of action, we’ll help you to communicate this plan to your team. By keeping your people involved in the changes, it will mean they are more engaged and driven to support the process.


Nothing stays the same, sometimes what works on paper, doesn’t work in practice. Whatever we put in place will need to be reviewed to ensure it works and meets your needs.