Psychometrics & Diagnostics

Understanding the developmental areas of your business and people are identified using various assessment tools and methods, face to face conversations and discussion for example, surveys and questionnaires as well as psychometric assessments.


Self-awareness is probably one of the most valuable competencies that anyone can have.  Leaders with a high level self awareness  are more likely to inspire confidence, loyalty and higher performance in their teams.

Psychometrics can be used in many areas of our life and are often used in business to help us better understand ourselves and others. Psychometric profiling is used for and by individuals and teams to provide an objective measure of performance, as well as to aid professional development, enhance behaviours and effectiveness.


Our qualified team provide face to face feedback to help individuals gain a clear insight into their report.  Psychometrics support performance enhancement, talent and team development for all of your business needs.


Psychometrics are often used in partnership with coaching to help individuals understand  their strengths, development areas and enhance self-awareness.


A coach uses profiles to help them focus attention in specific areas  and hone their questioning so support the needs of the coachee.

How psychometrics help in coaching
We have found psychometrics very useful when we have been asked to coach somebody who is unable to recognise certain  personality traits or behaviours and the impact that they are having.
Psychometric reports are based on the responses given to the questions by the individual and  can provide valuable insight to how others may perceive. them
Used in conjunction with coaching this can help the coachee to  understand themselves better which supports development and improved performance.

Team Development

Psychometrics are a great way to help teams understand each other, how they can work together better, maximise performance and reduce unproductive conflict.

Some potential effects of team conflict
  • Lost productivity and bottom line impact
  • Employee mental health problems
  • High staff turnover rates
  • High  rates of absenteeism

Succession Planning

Psychometrics can be used as part of talent, identification, assessment and development of potential future talent and leadership potential.

Why plan for succession..​
Having a clear plan for management and leadership succession  in your business  opens potential opportunities for those who aspire to  grow, whether that is management and leadership roles, or to become technical specialists.
This drives greater engagement and retention of your best people.

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