"Great vision without great people is irrelevant"

Jim Collins


People play a vital role in the success and growth of every business. Developing your employees to help them achieve their full potential  is key to growing high performing and highly motivated teams which in turn improves productivity
and results.

We work closely with you and your people to identify the skills gaps and development needs .............

Some statistics from Investors in People relating to Accidental Managers

  • 68% of managers categorise themselves as accidental managers

  • 50% of employees in the UK say that a bad manager is the reason for them leaving a job

  • 71% of businesses in the UK say they don't train their first time managers

Management  &  Leadership

There are a lot of manager and leaders who have been promoted into their roles because they are  great at what they do. or it's the next obvious step.  Investors in People refer to them as Accidental Managers.


All too often they are left to manage and lead a team without the training and tools to effectively support the individuals and the team as a whole.


By  equipping your managers and leaders with skills, behaviours and understanding required to support them in their role,  you are investing in their success, that of their teams and ultimately your business.


Great managers and leaders motivate, engage and boost morale, all of which play a huge part in improving  the performance, efficiency, engagement, loyalty and retention of your workforce, which ultimately translates into results for your business.

Managing Performance 

Performance Management often takes the form of a once a year review, which is time consuming and feels like and probably is a tick box exercise. 

In reality great performance management is ongoing, and provides individuals with constructive and developmental feedback and helps them to  understand how the work that they do adds value to the organisation, which for many is  a great motivator.

Whether your business is small, medium or large, ongoing management of performance gives managers the opportunity to encourage and praise your team members for great performance, whilst managing any under performance or bad behaviours. 

Did you know...
  • 24% of workers would consider leaving their jobs if they have managers that provide inadequate performance feedback
  • Companies who implement regular employee feedback have turnover rates that are 14.9% lower than for employees who receive no feedback
Cohesive teams are likely to:


  • Whilst team goals and productivity is the aim, team members are also more likely to be more productive themselves.

  • Experience lower levels of stress

  • Have lower rates of absenteeism 

  • Experience greater job satisfaction

Team  Building & Development 

Like all relationships, great teams are built on trust, which doesn’t necessarily happen naturally.


In most cases  a team is a group of people who work together, there often egos and personal agendas at play!

A cohesive, high performing and successful team is effective, efficient and a great asset to any business, but it is dependent on the whole team working towards the team goals and not their own.

This takes time, understanding, TRUST and commitment from each  team member to make it happen.

Employee Engagement

You may well have heard the term Employee Engagement , but what exactly is it?

Simply put it's about having a happy workforce who love working for you and are likely to support you through thick and thin. Investors in People refer to being an employer of choice - a business that people clamour to work for.

You may be surprised to know t's not  all about money and benefits! Whilst the majority of us go to work to earn a living , a big salary isn't necessarily the top priority. Most people want to feel valued, to know that they're doing a good job and are making a difference.

We spend an average of 90,000 hours at work in our lifetime , who doesn't want to be happy for all that time? 

Engaged Employees  are more likely to be more productive and who doesn't want their business to be as productive as possible and keep their best people?

A couple of simple  tips ..
Communication - Remember - it's not just about talking, it's about really listening too. Your people will have insights into your business that you may not  see or know about.  Engage in effective two way conversations - talking and listening! 
Honesty & Openness - Be as open and honest as you can with your people, don't make them feel like mushrooms - hidden in the dark and downtrodden. 
Whether good or bad keep your people informed, they are much more likely to stick around and support you.

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The heart of any organisation is its people. People play a vital part of bringing the organisational vision to life. Identifying and developing talent both internally and externally is key to developing high performing and highly motivated teams.

At Liaise we work with and support your organisation through any or all phases of the employee development lifecycle. We believe completely that people development and organisational strategy are symbiotic, that investment focussed on the workforce is the most economic and efficient way to boost performance and growth.

Induction & Integration 


Help your new and new to role employees become embedded in their team, new role and the organisation as quickly and smoothly as possible.

By investing in those first few days and weeks you are giving your  employee the best chance of success, it will help them to become effective and productive more quickly than without support.

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Performance Management​

Michael Armstrong sums it up simply... 

"Per­for­mance man­age­ment is the con­tin­u­ous process of improv­ing per­for­mance by set­ting
indi­vid­ual and team goals which are aligned to the strate­gic goals of the organ­i­sa­tion, plan­ning per­for­mance to achieve the goals, review­ing and assess­ing progress, and devel­op­ing the knowl­edge, skills and abil­i­ties of people.”


This often takes the form of a once a year review, which is time consuming and feels like a tick box exercise. In reality great performance management is ongoing, helping people see how the work that they do adds value to the organisation, which can be a great motivator.

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Management & Leadership

Many people have been promoted into management and leadership roles because they are technically brilliant and it's the next logical step, after all, anyone can do it, can't they?!


By equipping your managers and leaders with skills and behaviours required to support them in their role,  you are investing in their success, that of their teams and ultimately your business.


Great managers and leaders motivate, engage and boost morale, all of which play a considerable part in improving results and also retention.  

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