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Executives, leaders and managers turn to coaches to achieve higher levels of performance at work.

You can too. You’ll improve your performance, communication, interpersonal and conflict resolution skills and become a better, more confident version of yourself. Remove blocks and break down barriers – develop a better understanding of yourself and improve your emotional intelligence and your growth mindset…

Some people have it all…

…natural charm, talent and confidence.

They seem to shoot up the career ladder, achieve the unachievable and do it all while appearing, calm, confident and collected. 

Chances are, those people have had to work at it. They’ve probably invested time in their self-development.

Their mindsets may be more focused and they have a strong desire to succeed and thrive on performing well.

The good news is… you can too!!!!!

Benefits of Coaching

Improve performance

Boost your confidence

Focus on success and what you need to do to achieve it

Become more self aware

Develop your emotional intelligence

Build better relationships

Achieve more

Research carried about by ILM reveals that more than 84% of employers believe coaching should be part of every organisation’s management and development programme

Extract from “Cracking Coaching, Five Ways to make an impact at work” download – ILM

Why choose Liaise to deliver coaching…

Taking founder Debbie as our example…

• Over 3 decades of experience working within HR and People Development, having started as a trainee and worked up the ladder to head up Learning and Development teams of her own, but always remembering what it was like to feel like a mushroom!

• Institute of Leadership and Management Qualified to Level 7 in Executive Coaching and Mentoring

• A ferocious passion for developing people to help them become the best that they can be

• Experience working with employees at all levels right up to and including C-Suite

• Breadth of experience across industries, (particularly specialising in property, not for profit, construction and education)

• Experience of working in both positive and negative work cultures (Debbie knows what good feels like, as well as what ‘toxic’ feels like and can empathise with both.)

We’d love to work with you. To empower you and help you establish the newer, stronger version of yourself.

Establishing and embedding a coaching culture

Research from the Institute of Leadership and Management shows that developing coaching and mentoring skills at every level of an organisation is the key to unlocking potential and increasing productivity and here at Liaise, we agree.

This is why we would love to help you develop and implement your own, in-house coaching programme to improve performance and productivity across your organisation. To create confident employees who work together to achieve your organisational goals and live your company values.

Start your coaching journey and become more successful.

If you’d like Liaise to coach you and/or your team, then contact us today to get started.