Building Successful Teams

In an ideal world every team would be made up of compatible people with complimentary strengths; in reality, most teams are made up of a group of people who have been hired to fill a role and just happen to work together. With luck everyone will get on reasonably well and the team will do it's best. 

Course Description

This hands on course has been designed for managers and leaders to help them identify the strengths and gaps in their team, build on those strengths, minimise the gaps, grow trust, respect and dump blame.

This one day workshop is designed for leaders and managers who want to develop cohesive, effective and high performing teams.

  • The structure of a cohesive team

  • Understanding the personalities in the team and how to get the best out of them

  • Purposeful communication  

  • Inspiring, engaging and motivating for high performance

  • Team success over personal success

£249 per person

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