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I’m Debbie Greenwood, People and Organisational Development Specialist and founder of Liaise Ltd.

Many organisations suffer from reduced or limited productivity.  Leaders and managers become aware the company can produce better results so they set targets and goals, focus on the figures and push hard for improvement. These actions aren’t wrong in the right context, but what is often not recognised is that it’s ‘people performance’ that impacts business performance.  So if these actions are not planned and executed properly and at the right time, they can result in employees feeling pressured, overworked, underappreciated and undervalued – certainly not productive.

That’s why I launched Liaise Ltd. To help organisations engage their teams, improve performance of their people, to manage and effect change and create happier, more productive workforces.  I work collaboratively with leadership teams, managers and business owners to teach them how to get the most from their people.  Whether that’s smaller organisations which are growing and need guidance as teams become bigger, companies that have merged or have had to make redundancies, or individuals who’ve been promoted but lack managerial experience or training.

My experience…

Working for a business or organisation where staff turnover is high, morale is low and there’s a constant pressure to ‘do better’ isn’t fun, for anyone.  If you’re trying to manage teams in this environment it can be hard to focus on people when you have a board, stakeholders or customers pushing for more, and as an employee it can be disheartening, frustrating and generally horrible. I know, I’ve experienced it – from both aspects.

However, because I’ve got first-hand experience of working in both brilliant people-focused organisations and also places where the culture has turned toxic, I’ve had plenty of time to identify what works and what doesn’t. And as a business owner, I can also identify with having to be “all things” to your business; marketer, salesperson, HR expert, accountant, etc, along with everything else. So I totally understand you can only do your best until you can afford to bring in the appropriate support and expertise.

I’ve worked in varied businesses which have included all levels of employees – company directors to cleaners, marketers to boatbuilders, architects to sales teams. I draw on my breadth of experience as well as my professional background in HR, having worked from a trainee level, up to where I am now and everything in-between. I’ve worked with organisations in the corporate, property and charity sectors and have helped 1000s of people over the years – I’m really proud of that. More recently I’ve also been working with start-ups and entrepreneurs to help them to bring on and develop talent within their teams.

What to expect working with me…

When you work with me, I’ll bring a new perspective and work with you to find the right approach for your organisation and teams. I’ll challenge you and will facilitate learning and growth to help you to transform your business and achieve the best results from your team. Whether that’s via coaching, mentoring, workshops, e-learning or a combination or all of these.

Additionally I sometimes work with a select group of associates who support me with certain projects.  Our values are aligned and our skills and experience both complementary and extensive, this opens up opportunities for work involving additional specialisms.

The result will be that you can actually start to focus on those figures and goals because I can take away the stress of having to think about your team and provide as much support as you need to ensure your people are at their most productive.  It won’t happen overnight, it does take time, but I promise you – it’s worth it.

Qualifications & Training…

Institute of Leadership and Management – Coaching – Level 7

CIPD Diploma

TAP Accredited Learning & Development Professional

DSDM Consortium – Agile Project Management

BeTalent Accredited & Facet 5

Accredited for Better Place to Work

Investing in your people is the best action you can take right now to develop, improve or turn around your business.