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Back to business - Planning for tomorrow

There will be very few people on the planet who have not been impacted by Covid-19 and sadly some will be impacted more than others. Many are likely to feel anxious about returning to work and the potential risks that being near others may pose. Now is the time to prepare for the return – however may look.

These last few months have given most of us the opportunity and hopefully inspired you and your people to reflect and make changes. Whilst we are living in uncertain times, it is a great opportunity to innovate and plan for a better future – think BIG and think positive. 

As a business, providing your employees with the assurance and confidence that their health and safety is of the greatest importance to you should, for most, make the transition back into the workplace easier. Communication is vital to starting to build confidence and trust that your employee and customer’s health, safety and well being is at the forefront of your considerations.

As importantly, ensuring that you don’t only talk the talk but you are confident walking the walk. That processes, procedures and measures that you put in place are followed by everyone, including you and your team! This will build complete trust and others will follow your example. This is a going to be a team effort – everyone has responsibility to make this work and to keep each other safe.


Communicating a clear vision and how you are going to achieve that vision as a team is vital, and as a leader you need to be confident in your approach.


Following on from our successful Hit the Ground Running Webinars we are offering 2 hour consultancy sessions for business owners, leaders, managers and HR professionals, giving you the opportunity to talk through thoughts, ideas and concerns with an objective consultant and coach.

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FREE Re-Introduction Induction PowerPoint deck to adapt to your business needs.

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