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Debbie Greenwood

Founder & Owner of Liaise

30 years ago I took a job as an IT Trainer at McCarthy & Stone the retirement developer here in Bournemouth. I knew nothing about computers or software and the idea of standing up in front of people to teach them horrified me! Little did I know that it was the start of a lifelong career that I would love. 


In my time at McCarthy and Stone I witnessed and was part of huge changes, in  the IT  and Human Resources teams. I have also  worked for and with organisations in the private and charity sectors, trained and helped to develop thousands of people with diverse specialisms from Architects and Graphic Designers to Bricklayers and Boat Builders.  I have been and employee, a team member, a team leader, manager and a leader so have experienced quite a few rungs of the ladder, the highs and the lows  that each can bring.


Regardless of background, organisation size or specialisms the needs of businesses and their people are very similar.  I have seen for myself how effective  and  consistent leadership  and management supports great businesses and their employees.  I have also seen the affect of poor leadership and management; low morale, low retention rates and poor performance all of which damage your culture, potentially your brand and without doubt productivity and the bottom line.


I believe that simplicity, teamwork, honesty and trust, like people are at the heart of a successful business. These principles support a collaborative and healthy organisational culture, something that I am sure most businesses aspire to and where most people would love to work.


 My aim is to inspire people, teams and businesses, helping them to grow in confidence and the realisation that they can do anything that they set their mind to!! 


Debbie Greenwood 

Owner & Founder 

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