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Prevention is better than cure

I love to work with leaders and business owners who already KNOW the benefits of looking after their people. People like you.

I work collaboratively with you to…

• Help promote diversity, equality and inclusion

• Ensure teams are fully trained and equipped to carry out their roles

• Improve team communication and mutual understanding

• Help individuals identify their strengths and areas for development

• Identify any current or potential barriers to communication or productivity and find resolutions

• Coach or train your leaders and teams to be the best they can be

An aligned, motivated workforce provides increased opportunities for success. It helps you to attract and retain talented people, boosts productivity and creates an environment that inspires trust, loyalty, development and professionalism.

Why Liaise? Why me?

I founded Liaise to help organisations inspire and engage their teams, improve performance of their people, to manage and effect change and to create happier, more productive workforces. I know you want your business to be a success, and I know you want to look after your people, not only so that they enjoy their work, but also to ensure your business operates at the highest level it can.

In order to do that, you need great communication, a culture of trust, loyalty and autonomy as well as a skilled, cohesive, well-trained teams. The problem is, you’re trying to “run a business”, you probably don’t have the headspace to plan and develop your employee training or engagement strategy.

This can be frustrating, no one can do everything themselves. As a CEO, leader or HR Manager without a specialist people performance team behind you, tackling your “people strategy” may feel like too much to take on alone. I believe that happy and engaged employees will go that extra mile and are likely to be more productive, loyal and true brand ambassadors, whereas unhappy and disengaged people however are likely to be quite the opposite – which is why I want to help as many organisations and people to recognise and achieve their full potential.

I’ll guide and support you

When you work with me I’ll bring a new perspective. We’ll work together to find the right approach for your organisation and team. I’ll challenge you but I’ll also facilitate learning and growth to help you to transform your business and achieve the best results from your team.

The result will be that you can start to focus on your business goals because I can take away the stress of having to think about your team. I’ll provide as much support as you need to ensure your people are at their most productive. It won’t happen overnight, it does take time, but I promise you – it’s worth it.

What we’ll do

Step 1

First, we’ll talk. I’ll get to know you and your business and you’ll get to know me.

Step 2

We’ll identify and prioritise areas to focus on, challenges and outcomes you want to achieve.

Step 3

We’ll create a bespoke plan to deliver and implement the training and support you need.

Or, if you’d like to know a bit more then take a look at our Services for ideas on what I can do to help you.

Let’s get your business and your people performing!