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Do you K-I-S-S? Keep It Simple Stupid!

At Liaise we are all about building sustainable businesses that inspire their leaders to inspire their people and believe in and want to develop supportive, collaborative and empowering cultures. Most organisations have VALUES but all too often they are merely writing on the walls but not embedded into the organisational culture.

When I started Liaise I was determined to build a business built around my values, rather than building the business and then deciding on the values. But it is more than that, Liaise’s whole ethos is built on the purpose and my vision, which is to work with businesses to become workplaces of choice and to be able to do that understand and embrace the people first ethos…

Over the next few weeks I am going to publish posts around Liaise’s values – I apologise in advance for the acronym – but one thing is for sure, it’s memorable and whilst I want to run a professional business, life (and work) should be about having fun. If I add FUN to the mix that could be SHIFTT

Simplicity – Honesty – Integrity – Teamwork – Trust

So here is the first post…


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KISS – KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID is the saying thought to be coined by a lead engineer at Lockheed, Kelly Johnson. I don’t particularly buy into the STUPID bit, but one derivative that I do like is KEEP IT SIMPLE AND STRAIGHTFORWARD. I also love SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE.

All too often we make things far more complicated than necessary both in life and in businesses, but why? (I have a theory, but that is perhaps content for a later post). By keeping things SIMPLE it enables us to achieve so much more and provides the potential to include so many more people.

Keep processes & procedures SIMPLE, there will be less mistakes and are great for customers and employees alike. Convoluted processes just waste time and money and cause frustration!

I realise that it isn’t always easy to keep it simple and if you review processes it can take a fair amount of work to make it happen. I am a great believer in asking people from outside your area of expertise to work with you, they can often see with more clarity than those of you who work with it every day. Be open to feedback and other people’s ideas. SIMPLE!

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