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The simple things in life…

Once a month I have the pleasure of meeting up with some great people to talk through our thoughts and ideas that we have with our businesses. We come together and help each other out with our thinking. This is all due and thanks to Jo Hompstead at ConnectUp.

I was really inspired by a discussion in the group that I was part of this month. We were discussing how, as we have got older, we have realised that we need far less than we always thought. Personally, I am the happiest I have ever been and in so many ways have far less “stuff” for the want of a better word. I just love my life… as it is, without the extra materialistic items, or without the extra mental clutter. I do believe that the whole idea of being thankful really does bring you greater happiness!

What have others experienced over the pandemic?

Over the last few weeks, since the outbreak of Covid-19, there are few people that I have spoken to that haven’t mirrored these feelings – despite of, or even because of having lived through some pretty tough times recently.

So many people have spoken about reconnecting with the simple things in life; gardening, cooking from scratch, baking, being out in nature, spending time with the family and a myriad more. People have realised that money doesn’t necessarily and often doesn’t buy you happiness, but that having a work-life balance most definitely can….

A lot of businesses have also realised there are benefits of having their employees work at home, both for the employee and the business. A better work life-balance and hopefully happier, less stressed employees can continue as this frequently translates into improved productivity. Despite being at a relatively early stage, some businesses are making permanent changes and downsizing their office space, reducing their overheads, shifting to more flexible operations.

The appreciation of employees…

Great leaders and managers will value their people, ensuring that they aren’t working too many hours, (which can easily happen from home). Some employees will feel that they need to prove that they are being as effective at home, so it is important that presenteeism is discouraged. Great employers truly appreciate their employees and want them to be happy, healthy and engaged, especially in testing times like now.

There are some people who don’t want to work at home at all, whereas others want a balance of the two. Ideally businesses will be looking at how they can accommodate their employees needs to improve and support engagement…

What can employers do going forward?

During the pandemic, we will have seen a mixture of emotions when it comes to work. But hopefully, what can come out of it, is to realise that we each are all unique and individual, and this will have an effect on our work attitude and productivity. Some will work far better from home, whereas others will benefit from being back in a working office environment.

What great leaders will aim to do, is to gain an understanding of their employees needs and to an extent wants and adopt more flexibility when it comes to work. This will lead to greater success and productivity for the business.

What we have learnt from the pandemic is that we all need a better work- life balance than many of us have had. Now whether that was achievable during lockdown is another matter. But what matters now, is how can we navigate through these coming months, to enable employees to still enjoy the simpler things in life. As when it comes to working, there will likely be higher morale and the business will benefit from happier and consequently more productive employees.

Are you stuck on how you can navigate your team through these coming months?

Are you wanting to introduce flexibility to maximise your employee’s productivity and strengths? I can work with businesses and their leaders to help them get the best out of their people and their teams.

If you would like to find out more, then please do get in touch.

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