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How to manage your remote team

Change is part of everyday life, over the last few years things seem to change again even before you get chance to get used to the last one. Now however, thanks to the dreaded C word we are having to live with uncertainty and change at an unprecedented rate.

Many people are now working from home, which if you are anything like me, is something I dreamed of – however, reality can be very different; particularly if you’re part of a team or used to being around people. Home-working can feel quite isolating, especially in these days of limited face-to-face contact and for managers it also presents additional challenges and a requirement to adapt.

All of a sudden managers are finding their teams working remotely. This is very different from regularly being in a face-to-face environment with your team. It can be daunting, particularly as you have probably been thrown into it at short notice! There is a good chance that you will need to draw on your people management skills more in the early days!

Here are my Top 5 Tips to help with the change and below is information about my upcoming webinars providing further advice and support.


Keep in touch with your people, talk to them regularly, face-to-face where you are able – thank goodness for Facetime! (Many other tools and apps are available of course!) If you have access to Zoom/Skype/Google Hangouts or similar you can have team catch ups and talk together. We’ve moved on from some of the old technology shown in the picture!

Be supportive

Home-working is likely to be quite a change for many and they will need some help. Supporting your team during the transition is important to achieve the best outcomes, but also realise that you too need support – so let your team help you too!


We all have difficulties motivating ourselves from time to time particularly in times of stress, difficulty and from my own experience, when we work alone but are used to normally having people around.

We are all different, so different things engage and motivate us; as an individual, having coping mechanisms to help your motivation levels will be important – particularly as we are possibly going to be somewhat penned in. There are a myraid of podcasts available on more topics than you could shake a stick at, these help me particularly when they are on a topic that I love or people I like.

As a manager you may need to help to keep the motivation levels up, if you don’t know already find out what motivates each of your team so you can provide them with support that suits their needs. There is some great webinar software available, some of which are free or at least you can get free trials, a great way of joining up the team.

Be trusting and flexible

Things are likely to take time to for you all to get used to the different way of working. However, it’s probably unlikely that everyone will adapt immediately, so flexibility is the order of the day. Normal working hours can and often do go out of the window when you work remotely, it can be a great opportunity to work to suit life as long as productivity isn’t impacted. Most importantly trust your people.

Set clear objectives and expectations

Be clear about what is expected from everyone and set timely aims and objectives and trust your people to be productive and deliver on time. Regular contact will help to keep everyone on track, but micromanagement isn’t advised!!!

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