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What is integrity?

Integrity is a common value in businesses, but what does Integrity actually mean?

The English Dictionary definition is : ‘the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles’.

However, I have found Integrity to be sadly lacking in many businesses and people. But why is this? I was going to write my thoughts, but found this article by Amy Reece Anderson in Forbes, which sums it up perfectly and is well worth reading,.

Success will come and go, Integrity is forever

In her article, Amy suggests (and I believe is right in so many cases), that people have targets to achieve and they will do whatever necessary, whether fair or foul to achieve those targets – and believe that the end justifies the means…. But at what cost?

Integrity, like trust, takes a lot of time and effort to build but can be swept away in moments and may NEVER be regained – or at least not fully.

For me, integrity is about being true to your beliefs, being honest and doing the right thing, being AUTHENTIC, being true to yourself – hence the quote at the start of this post.

Believe me, my authenticity and integrity has been hard fought and there have been times when I have done things that have gone against my beliefs and better judgement so that I can impress somebody or gain kudos.

Would I do it now? I would like to think not, but I also know I’m human and we can all get things wrong. What I know is that my integrity would make me ‘fess up about it….

In my previous post on Honesty as a Value, I said that in order for people to be honest, the culture of the organisation had to enable honesty and the same is true for integrity. Your leadership team has to demonstrate integrity individually but also as a business, you need to how every employee that it is not only a value, but VALUED.

How can this be shown? By holding those accountable who aren’t honest, who don’t demonstrate integrity by not assessing everyone only on how much they sell but by how well they sell it – their behaviours…

All the topics I’m discussing in this series of articles are vast and multi-faceted, there’s way too much to talk about in a single, short article I will be writing more in the future, I hope you’ll enjoy them.

A little bit about me and Liaise

In the meantime, one thing my clients can be sure of is that my values haven’t been plucked out of thin air to make me sound good! I am TERRIBLE at selling myself – I hate it, so don’t expect me to agree with you just to get the job… If you want us to work together, that is exactly what we do and I will be honest with you and expect the same in return. I work with people who want their people to thrive, because when they do, the rest will follow…..

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